Errors Avid gamers Make When The use of Layla


Layla is a student of the Rtawahist, one of the most six major faculties in Genshin Affect Sumeru Akademiya. Rtawahist is a self-discipline that makes a speciality of the learn about of the celebrities like astronomy and astrology. This makes Layla respectful of Mona Megistus, the broke astrologist that writes for The Steambird’s astrology column.

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Unfortunately, apparently that Layla is having a troublesome time as a scholar, at all times being sleep-deprived as she tries to stay alongside of her research. Alternatively, being sleepy at all times isn’t the one factor gamers will likely be dealing with with Layla. The next errors folks make when enjoying Layla in Genshin Affect must even be famous.


6/6 No longer Figuring out How Her Taking pictures Megastar Works

layla attacking in genshin impact

Layla’s Elemental Ability provides greater than a easy defend. Each and every 1.5s, a celeb will seem at the defend, and as soon as 4 stars exist, they are going to transform Taking pictures Stars, dealing Cryo harm to within sight enemies. Two stars may also be summoned via casting Elemental Ability. This implies gamers must be capable to simply create 4 stars, on the very least each and every 3 seconds.

Vacationers too can employ characters that experience stacks on their Elemental Ability like Yae Miko in Genshin Affect. Simply understand that all 4 Taking pictures Stars need to be fired first ahead of new stars can also be generated, so gamers handiest wish to solid two Abilities at maximum to cause Layla’s Taking pictures Stars.

5/6 Stacking Power Recharge

layla glowing in genshin impact

Layla comes with a delightful marvel together with her Elemental Burst. No longer handiest does it have a big AoE and coffee Power requirement (40 Power), but it surely additionally has a 100% uptime, with a 12s length and 12s cooldown. This implies gamers can perpetually have her Burst at the box, making use of Cryo continuous.

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Alternatively, something Vacationers would possibly need to perceive can be how she generates Elemental Debris. Not like standard characters that straight away generate Power when their Elemental Ability hits an opponent, Layla handiest generates debris when her Taking pictures Megastar is induced. This implies gamers received’t get to regain Layla’s Power via merely casting her Ability. Happily, this received’t be a lot of a topic as soon as gamers unencumber Layla’s 2nd Genshin Affect Constellation.

4/6 Underestimating Her Supportive Doable

layla floating in genshin impact

Layla would possibly appear to be an ordinary shielder and Cryo enabler, however she will if truth be told be offering greater than that. First, her Elemental Burst has a 12s cooldown and 100% uptime. This timer precisely suits the length of 4pc Noblesse Oblige, that means gamers can simply deal with a 20% ATK buff for all of the group.

However, those that have 4pc Tenacity of the Millelith must indubitably go for this artifact as a substitute. Layla will cause the 4pc impact when she casts her Ability, then a couple of seconds later when her Taking pictures Stars deal harm. This unit can theoretically deal with 4pc Tenacity of the Millelith’s impact just about 100% uptime. The artifact set grants 30% defend energy on best of a 20% ATK buff. Avid gamers must use Tenacity for a more potent defend, whilst Noblesse is healthier for a strong ATK buff.

Moreover, Layla additionally has a small harm spice up after gamers unencumber her C4. The impact received’t cause frequently, but if it does, it’s a good DPS building up for the group.

3/6 No longer Using Her Cryo Utility

layla cryo application in genshin impact

Layla has nice doable to paintings as a Cryo enabler. Her Elemental Burst is obviously best to periodically follow the Part on surrounding enemies, however on best of that, Layla’s Elemental Ability may be first rate for this activity.

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Avid gamers shouldn’t be expecting an excessive amount of relating to her harm, but when they require a persona that may reliably follow Cryo at the box, then Layla is a smart contender. Each her Elemental Ability and Burst have 100% uptime, so Vacationers can depend on Layla to deal unending Cryo harm.

2/6 Construction Layla On Assault

layla looking up in genshin impact

Whilst a sub-DPS, Layla must now not be constructed on ATK. Her Elemental Ability and Taking pictures Megastar would possibly scale with ATK, however upon unlocking her Ascension Passive, Layla’s Taking pictures Stars can even scale together with her HP. In the meantime, Layla’s final only scales with HP; ATK is inappropriate.

This implies each Layla’s offensive and defensive worth follows her HP, making ATK a deficient stat to stack on. If folks need to building up Layla’s non-public DPS, then it’s easiest to concentrate on HP and Important stat as a substitute.

1/6 The use of The Fallacious Sword

layla with key of khaj-nisut in genshin impact

Layla is a Cryo persona that scales with HP for each her defend and Elemental Burst. Naturally, this implies a Sword like Key of Khaj-Nisut is her most suitable option because it grants a large quantity of HP. Alternatively, when equipping Layla with a Sword in Genshin Affect, gamers must first believe her group and her function.

If Vacationers desire a shielder, then the Key of Khaj-Nisut is indisputably the most productive. If gamers want an Elemental Mastery spice up, then the Key of Khaj-Nisut may be very good. Alternatively, if the group wishes ATK and Customary, Charged, and Plunge harm spice up, then Freedom-Sworn must be thought to be. In the end, if Layla is intended to paintings as a sub-DPS, then offensive apparatus like Primordial Jade Cutter and Mistsplitter Reforged are higher.

Genshin Affect is now to be had on Cell, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Transfer model is in construction.

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