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Niantic unveils AR headset in partnership with Qualcomm

Niantic unveils AR headset in partnership with Qualcomm

Symbol: Niantic

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AR headset reference design displays how Niantic and Qualcomm see out of doors augmented truth. Additionally, Niantic’s “VPS” involves Snapdragon Areas.

Coinciding with the revealing of its new Snapdragon AR2 augmented truth chip, Qualcomm additionally printed an AR headset in construction thru collaboration with Niantic (Pokémon Move). On the presentation, the companions confirmed a reference type of the augmented truth headset adapted for out of doors use.

The “Out of doors AR headset” will function the root for long run AR headsets from different producers. OEM companions come with Lenovo, LG, Nreal, OPPO, Pico, Sharp, Tencent, Vuzix, and Xiaomi. The headscarf is elastic, folds up, and lets in motion of the battery to the again of the top for just right weight stability.

AR headset from Qualcomm and Niantic

Tool additionally advantages from the collaboration. Beginning in 2023, Niantic’s “Lightship VPS” (Visible Positioning Gadget) might be appropriate with the Snapdragon Areas developer platform. Apps created with Qualcomm’s AR construction platform can then be simply expanded with VPS capability.

Zwei seitliche Fotos des Outdoor AR Headset von Niantic und Qualcomm

The versatile, foldable scarf additionally lets in for a compact shape issue all over delivery. | Symbol: Niantic, Qualcomm

The VPS device, rolled out for AR studios on the finish of Might, exactly and consistently puts players on a collaboratively shared three-D map. In this map, they see the similar pc graphics in the true global, corresponding to interactive works of art, monsters, or signposts, with centimeter precision.

With this cooperation, Niantic and Qualcomm need to boost up the advance of AR headsets that can be utilized open air. The type on show has clear presentations just like the Microsoft Hololens 2 or the Nreal Gentle.

To this point, this design has now not confirmed to be appropriate for on a regular basis use, because the era suffers from house issues and slim fields of view. Extra complicated is the video passthrough AR with a VR headset.

With this era, very similar to the serve as in headsets like Metas Quest Professional (data) or the Lynx R1, pc graphics give a boost to a video symbol of the bodily global streamed into the headset. On the other hand, if the lighting fixtures prerequisites are too vibrant or too darkish, the inside-out monitoring can fail – and also you’re blind if the headset shuts off. Due to this fact, (and for type causes), video AR headsets don’t seem to be appropriate for out of doors use up to now.

AR video games correct to the centimeter in the true global

A trailer displays Niantics and Qualcomm’s AR headset in observe. In it, some check topics stroll in combination in a town middle. The contributors apply digital trail markings on genuine footpaths, open knowledge forums at landmarks, and spot sport characters working throughout the true asphalt or up partitions.


In an motion sport, they keep an eye on meter-high fight robots that dash throughout meadows or hearth missiles at every different on rooftops. Within the video, the avid gamers use a movement controller with a touchpad for the thumb. The Snapdragon AR chip additionally helps hand monitoring now not proven within the video.

A very powerful foundation for the AR enjoy in the true global is Niantic’s VPS mapping of real-world places. During the software, the group of builders and players collaborates on Niantic’s virtual globe. Along with spatial scans, images give a contribution to three-D reconstruction. The undertaking started in 2020 being able to scan the surroundings in Pokémon GO. There are actually 30,000 places with VPS give a boost to, basically in primary towns.

iOS and Android gadgets nonetheless play a vital function in the usage of AR content material, regardless of the longer term possible of AR glasses.

“We imagine true AR might be best possible skilled on AR headsets made for the outside. For our section, we plan to make Lightship VPS to be had to energy location-based AR reviews on as many {hardware} gadgets as conceivable,” explains Niantic’s AR industry head Maryam Sabour.

The AR headset is an early reference design. Its building remains to be matter to modify, Sabour stated.

There are already quite a few device concepts for headsets. Niantic lately offered a trailer with AR apps that can be performed on smartphones. Those come with sprouting flower meadows in Tower Superbloom AR and the monster-fighting MMO ARealm.

In September, Niantic introduced Lightship VPS for Internet, which makes content material related to real-world places to be had within the cellular browser.

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