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Who Used to be Wesley Crusher’s Father?

The difficult international of Big name Trek is crammed to the brim with complicated storylines and sundry interconnectedness. This permeates during all of the franchise, numerous this specializing in the nature relationships. Whilst numerous personality expansion occurs onscreen, numerous backstory is left to be came upon slowly thru each devoted narratives or background data. One beginning tale that straddles the road between each, however isn’t totally disclosed, is the identification of the send’s know-it-all Wesley Crusher‘s father.


It is going to appear, in the beginning, that this query has an evident resolution. Even informal enthusiasts of the display know that his father used to be the overdue Jack Crusher, an officer who tragically died ahead of the occasions of The Subsequent Era aboard the USS Stargazer, Captain Picard’s outdated send. This used to be referred to continuously in the course of the sequence. Early on, there used to be an uncomfortable awkwardness between Picard, Wesley, and Dr. Beverly Crusher, as Picard now not handiest needed to inform his circle of relatives of his demise, however he additionally felt reasonably accountable. Whilst that is the storyline the display assists in keeping during, there’s a delicate advice at the beginning. There are whispers of a forgotten storyline that may most likely result in the invention that Picard used to be in reality Wesley’s father, in a plot twist that may have shaken the Big name Trek group to its core.

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Whilst this will likely had been the unique goal at the back of those characters, it sort of feels that display writers both forgot about it, or learned that it wouldn’t paintings. Possibly they felt would move in opposition to the heroic and ethical guy Picard used to be, amplified through Patrick Stewart’s superb efficiency. He used to be a excellent guy, so as to expose afterward that he had had an affair with Beverly and fathered an illegitimate son, all at the back of his buddy’s again, would have ruined his personality.

Star Trek: Wesley and picard

Whilst this could be true, it might additionally make sense. Finally, the Picard of TNG is an older, wiser guy than he used to be in his early life. Audiences were given to peer this in the Q led episode “Tapestry,” which confirmed a younger Picard to be a reckless determine with little regard for regulations or authority. It do not have been a stretch for this guy to have had an affair. His older self would had been shaken to his core and most likely ashamed about it, however what makes an excellent captain if now not the errors in their previous?

It is going a ways to provide an explanation for Picard and Beverley’s courting in TNG. Their dynamic used to be brazenly awkward for almost all of the primary season, to the purpose the place she nearly can not glance him within the eye. There’s undoubtedly one thing occurring right here, and the showrunners would later expose that this used to be because of them each being romantically all for every different, purely within the provide and long term sense slightly than previous. Alternatively, this dynamic would additionally make numerous sense if it have been because of Wesley being Picard’s kid. If this have been the case, Picard do not have recognized about it. The affair would have taken position simply ahead of he left for the Stargazer, as a tender guy with ambition who used to be on the subject of to begin his profession clear of all the ones with regards to him. It’s one thing proven time and time once more in Big name Trek that an officer’s task continuously takes them clear of their circle of relatives, making it a surprisingly lonely position. There may be the purpose of why Beverly and Wesley have been at the send within the first position. She in particular requested to be assigned to the long-lasting USS Undertaking D, the place she knew Picard used to be.

All through the sequence, Beverly repeatedly pushes the 2 in combination, leading to Wesley and Picard having what parallels a father son courting in some ways. She will get Wesley at the bridge, one thing very ordinary for any individual so younger. The 2 males spend numerous time in combination, whether or not stranded on a moon, or Picard coming to assist Wesley out with problems at Starfleet academy. Picard, in lots of senses, turns into the boy’s father determine, even though that is continuously met with some reluctance.

Star Trek: picard and beverly

The largest trace that this used to be an meant plot line, then again, used to be published right through the episode “The Arsenal of Freedom” in season one. Right here, Beverly finds that she has an enormous secret she has been maintaining, and has been hesitant to inform Picard ever since they set out on their voyage in combination. Once more, that is steered to be that she loves him, however feels accountable as a result of she believes her emotions betray her overdue husband. Alternatively, it makes so a lot more sense for this to be that Picard is Wesley’s father. After the season wrapped, then again, and after the massive upheaval that welcomes within the golden age of TNG, this secret used to be by no means published and went nowhere.

That is purely a non-canonical idea, and one who most probably doesn’t make a lot sense previous the primary season. But, it nonetheless may have been what their unique writers have been gearing up for. There’s a large amount of pressure between Picard and Dr. Crusher this is by no means defined, however would make highest sense if Wesley grew to become out to be Picard’s son. It’s additionally necessary to needless to say right through the display’s filming, there used to be severe buzz for the unique Big name Wars motion pictures. The well-known ‘I’m your father’ line used to be floating round so much and perhaps influencing the display’s writers, who will have sought after to do a equivalent factor with Picard. Whilst it’s not likely, those topics could be explored additional within the 3rd season of Picard, with Dr. Crusher (and probably Wesley) returning to the franchise. However after all, handiest time will inform.

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